Providing expertise in protein analysis by means of mass spectrometry for protein identification and in-depth characterization, the IGBMC proteomics platform is accessible to all those within the scientific community wishing to conduct analyses in the proteomics field.

Proteomics at its outset

The years 2000 heralded the development of proteomics, bringing home an awareness of the limitations hindering the study of genes. The same genome can lead to different protein landscapes depending on the level of gene expression, the stage of development, or the pathophysiological state of the environment in which an organism evolves. Proteomics pools together specific techniques dedicated to the study of structures, functions and protein interactions within a cell. The study of proteins as an end product of gene expression reflects these variations and applies to all research areas in life sciences. As for the IGBMC proteomics platform, it is involved in various research projects in the field of cancer, genetic, neurodegenerative or cardiac disorders.

A Unique expertise within the IGBMC

As part of six technology platforms, the IGBMC proteomics platform is open to all labs, be they public or private. Boasting cutting-edge facilities, we analyze your samples through combined separation methods such as one- or two-dimensional nano-liquid chromatography and wide-ranging mass spectrometry techniques. A fully meeting your requests is uppermost in our minds, we are incessantly enhancing our expertise in post-translational modification analysis, such as detection of phosphorylation and acetylation sites.

ο Expertise in a wide range of proteomics techniques

  • Identification of proteins separated by gel electrophoresis
  • NanoLC-MS/MS analysis with linear ion trap or hybride orbitrap system.
  • Post-translational modifications characterization: phosphorylation, acetylation, methylation, ubiquitination …
  • Protein quantitation: spectral counting, SILAC, TMT. 
  • Protein molecular weight determination and characterization of structure of purified proteins
  • Non-covalent interactions study (protein-ligand interaction)

Last update on 12/12/2016


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